Thursday, April 17, 2008

Niketown Running Club

Last night I joined the Boston Niketown Running Club at 6:30pm (I know -- can you believe I got out of work that early!?!). It was great... although a real shock how out of shape I am. I opted for the shorter 3.5 mile run because I haven't run in months. I never slowed to a walk but I was definitely one of the stragglers in the back. Several 5.5-mile runners passed me! Slightly embarrassing but I have come to terms that I'm a slow runner and that's ok (at least I'm running!). And also, no matter how great of running shape I'm in, the first 3 miles are always THE WORST!

Anyhow, I got to try a new pair of Nike sneakers for the run... I didn't choose wisely because they really hurt my sensitive-arches but will gladly try another pair next week. The weather was perfect and sunset on the Charles River makes me totally love Boston and running. I'm addicted... and its way cheaper and closer of a location than my $90 running group from last year (also a great group - BostonFit - but logistically difficult for me without a car).

In additional running news, they're already setting up the grandstands for the Boston marathon on Monday. I have to work but will watch the coverage and maybe head out at lunch to check it out... I hope to run this bitch in the next few years (getting my number by raising money for charity -- qualifying with a 3:40 marathon just ain't in this slow-ladies realms of possibility!).


Jessi said...

Oh, man, you've got me motivated. Now I have to fix that stupid jogging stroller. Good for you on getting out there.

skydiving in stilettos said...

Glad I could inspire -- for more inspiration, I went for another 3 mile run last night too (it actually helps ease my sore muscles!).

Fix that stroller, sista!

amy d said...

"at least you are running" Amen sister! getting out there is half the battle. :)