Monday, April 14, 2008

Lift List #107: Do a Keg Stand with my Sisters


So I finally did my first keg-stand. Although it was an experiment for even the experienced keg-standers. Saturday night at my sister's house in Alexandria, we had wings, pizza, beer, bocce, and birthday cake. And three little girls fighting over princess costumes, of course. Oh, the drama of being 4 makes me appreciate turning 30.

The experiment part of the evening came when the liquor store didn't have a pony keg. And a full keg for 8 drinkers would result in some traumatizing things (or kegs and eggs the next morning before paintball... also probably traumatizing). So we got the good ole' Heineken Draught Keg... sweet. We basically put it on the ground and did hand stands in the mud. I definitely held my own compared to my sisters although my little sister easily kicked our butts (unfair advantage of being 23). And apparently, the Heiney keg is tougher to keg stand because it pours faster. So I did it... and passed the 10 second minimum implemented to count as a completed Life List item by the group.

Here's a photo of my gymnastic triumph (no... Tim is not spanking me!)

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blogorelli said...

WHOA -- a Heinie keg? Awesome! I've only done one keg stand in my life that I remember. The operative part of that sentence is "that I remember."