Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OOO. Ouch. Ugh.

Swim training last night kicked my ass. Or more specifically my shoulders and arms. The 2-hour Baptiste Yoga Intermediate class the night before probably didn't help.

I need to seriously get into spring training a bit more regularly — the half-marathon is at the end of May (sub-2 hours, here I come!) and my first triathlon is fast approaching as well on May 18. I also bought a super cute triathlon suit this weekend too! Well... “super cute” is probably arguable. I'm not going to be wearing it out on the town any night soon but I was happy that trying it on wasn't nearly as traumatizing as originally expected. Another perk — whatever synthetic crap this suit is made of works MUCH better than any Spanx I've ever owned (so you never know... next time I'm out on the town looking slim and fit, maybe I am actually sporting my tri-suit under my ensemble! Sexy!).

Tonight I'm going to pin down my running schedule and figure out how to fix the loose seat and flat tire on my bike. But no arm workout or lifting any heavy books for the next 24 hours at least!

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